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Finished series: Hidamari Sketch x365

We've finished watching Hidamari Sketch x365, for which I failed to write a first episode review. It is the second season of Hidamari Sketch, which I reviewed here.

Again the episodes are not in chronological order, and while this is the second season, it overlaps with the first season -- that is, some episodes of the second season occur before some episodes in the first season. For a chronological order, you would have to mix episodes from both seasons.
And I wonder if you'd see the difference (apart from opening and ending sequences, which are obviously different) -- because this series just continues along the exact same lines as the first. As far as I can determine, everything has stayed the same: character designs, the themes, etcetera. There are some plot lines that seem to be new in the second season, but since those plots span multiple episodes (for instance, the contents of room 203 or the continuing quest of the landlady to quit smoking), I don't think it would be noticed if it were mixed in with the other episodes. If anything, there seemed to be less photos of items used in the animation, but that didn't really stand out.

So basically, everything that I said about the first season applies directly to the second season as well. If you enjoyed the first season (and if you like relaxing slice-of-life bishoujo series, you will), then by all means watch this one as well.
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