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Item! - I got 0 reactions on my Drivel patch so far. And it turns out that the code in SVN is different from the code in the Ubuntu repositories, so the patch doesn't work on the SVN trunk. And there seems to be no maintainer for Drivel anymore. Oh well, it scratched my itch.

Item! - D&D yesterday was a lot of fun. Not much happened (not even a single fight!), but apparently that isn't necessary to have fun.

Item! - I closed off one project yesterday and did the end calculations. It was a fixed price project, and we did everything (OTACE even -- On Time, Above Customer Expectation) within 85% of the budget. The other project, which is billed hours-spent, will probably be finished in 105% of the budget -- given the changes we have had to incorporate, this sure counts as a huge success. I sent a large congratulatory email to my project members.

Item! - I think I'll take the afternoon off -- or as soon as klik can't continue building models because of lack of specifications. Precise time is (as of yet) unknown, but of course I will notify our guests when we know more.

Item! - We got a mountain of food for tonight.

Item! - I sent my first Postcrossing card yesterday.

Item! - Normally, we have a deal with umsu at the end of the year. We both buy a lot from the lottery, and if either of us wins the main prize, we give the other a million. That way, we have doubled our chances for at least a million. However, all lottery tickets have sold out, so this year we can't participate. :(
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