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Item! - The house of our neighbours is for sale. The asking price is about the same as the asking price for our hours three years ago -- ours has an extension, but theirs has a good kitchen and bathroom. If you know where we live, you can look around in their house on Funda. Much is made of the view from the back, and that's not unreasonable. You'd have to put up with the weird people next door, though. ;)

Item! - Tomorrow I have an appointment in Lelystad with a customer. At first this seems like bad timing (who wants to cross half the country on christmas eve?). But on christmas eve we visit klik's parents, like we do every year, and they live in Nunspeet -- a mere 30 minutes drive from Lelystad. :)

Item! - I've switched back to Drivel for my LJ posts. The only thing that Drivel is lacking is support for tags. And I'm currently building that in -- yay open source!

Item! - Time for bed.

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