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More cards

In the comments on a previous entry, coronanl and ankie requested a card. How could I refuse?
I discussed with klik what to make for them (obviously I wanted to make something worthy of a spot in their recently renovated house), but that evening klik made the card I wanted to make -- she totally stole my concept! (She, however, maintains that she thought it up. We didn't fight about it... much.) As you can imagine, this put me into a bit of a bind, as I had to think of something else...

This is the card klik made. The stamps were colored in with felt tip pens, the drawings were made with felt tip pens and fineliners. I really like this scene, because it combines several stamps in one card. I'm not sure I could have made it as beautiful as she did -- so I guess it's for the best that she stole my design. ;)

Compared to that, my card is a bit bland and abstract:

At first I thought of making a maze of twisty passages, all different, using the corner of the middle ring of the floral print stamp. However, positioning the paper over the stamp would never work without some sort of stamping rig to position the stamp precisely -- and since I lack such a device at the moment, I had to rethink my approach.
I used various techniques to stamp a corner onto white paper and cut out those pieces and glue them onto a blue card. From left to right and top to bottom: red archival ink, silver embossing powder, black embossing powder, felt tip pens, another set of felt tip pens, gold embossing powder. The print at the right is one side of the outer ring with pearly embossing powder.

The back of the card, one corner decorated with pearly embossing powder. I used a silver-colored gel pen to write my message on this side.

I really, really like embossing powder. It gives a really nice structure, and with the wide variety of colors available, there's always a suitable one. And a 'stamping rig' to position a stamp very precisely onto the paper is another thing I want to look into.
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