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Finished series: Puchi Puri Yuushi

We've finished watching Puchi Puri Yuushi.

Yucie is 17 years old, but somehow she stopped growing when she was 10. Obviously, she has some sort of curse or magical spell put on her. Her adoptive father, Gunberd, who dotes on her, found her as a baby when he battled some evil monster -- the curse is probably from that time too. Gunberd also has a demon, Cube, as a servant. He always follows Yucie around, and his ability to summon magical items comes in handy once in a while.

Obviously, being stuck in the body of a kid vexes Yuushi very much, who would rather be a normal, elegant girl -- she wants to marry her hero (a blonde guy about her age who saved her from a tight situation with a few monsters years ago), and obviously that's not going to happen if you look like you're ten. But every thousand years, there is some sort of contest: eligible girls collect the five stones (which are scattered across the five worlds (human, demon, heaven, spirit and fairy)) for the Eternal Tiara -- and one of them will become the Platinum Princess, who can have any one of her wishes fulfilled.
Obviously, that's a huge draw for Yucie, but she is not alone. The princesses of the other realms, who are also her age and also stuck in ten-year old bodies, have the same goals! Together, they enter the Princess Academy to learn to become the Platinum Princess.
We meet a colorful cast of characters -- most notably Glenda, the very tsundere princess of the demons, who becomes friends/rivals with Yucie, and Kokoru, the shy princess of the spirit world. Yucie has many adventures with them, learning to be elegant and caring.

Obviously, there's more going on. The exact rules of the Eternal Tiara and the Platinum Princess are shrouded in mystery, and the prince of the human kingdom (who turns out to be, of course, Yucie's hero of seven years ago) is trying to find out just what is going on. Towards the end of the series, he even gets mortally wounded, and only a miracle can save him!
The other candidates withdraw, so that Yucie will become the Platinum Princess so that she can save the prince. But then it is revealed that those who do not make the cut simply dissapear! And if the Platinum Princess refuses to make her wish, disaster will befall her world! Obviously, this makes for a few heart-wrenching episodes, but it all ends quite happily after all.

Most of the episodes are quite easy-going and cute, with things like friendship as their main theme. But as the series progresses the dark undertone becomes apparent, and there are some real emergencies that the candidates have to solve too. This makes it a bit of a mixed bag -- but it's not an unpleasant mix. Most sub-plots span only a few episodes, though.
Visually, the series looks a bit dated, but that is mainly because of its age, being over six years old now. But compared to its contemporaries, the looks are quite clean and the animation vivid. The character designs are apparently very much like those of the Princess Maker games -- suffice to say that most of them are cute. Even the kobolds who live in the demon realm are cute.

Good points:
- Cute with an actual plot;
- Some amusing sub-plots.
Bad points:
- Some of the episodes are kinda bland;
- Mixed bag story-wise.

All in all, a 7. An enjoyable view, but not a must-see by any stretch.
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