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Screw education, we want cheap vacations!

The director of a large dutch travel organisation has petitioned the government to do away with the strict school attendance rules, so that people with children can enjoy vacations in the off-season too! Because, as we all know, having school-going kids and thus being forced to go on vacation in the high season is a kind of discrimination!

You'd think I was joking about this, but the article (in Dutch) is here.

I just can't get over the stupid entitlement mentality of this. Kids go to school to learn stuff. They have to be in school so they don't miss any lessons. Yes, that does mean they all get their vacations at the same time. But you know that in advance when you have kids! How is this 'discrimination'!? Especially because it's all the other parents with their children who fill up the beaches at that time!

Most of the comments are totally stupid, too. But given that this is the website for the Telegraaf, that's not too much of a surprise. Dissapointing, but not surprising.
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