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Another card

This is the birthday card I made for usmu:

This is, once again, made with the large square stamp. It has three 'rings' with a different floral pattern, and this time I used only the outer and inner ring. (If you want to see the pattern of the middle ring: I used that one in the birthday card for nathreee.)
The inner part is felt tip pen -- I took care to give the three flowers different colours. I used 'embossing glue' on the outer ring and used gold embossing powder. The message was written with a light blue gel pen.

When I applied the embossing powder to the print (I did it all in one go: felt tip pen and ambossing glue), the powder also got stuck on the wet ink of the pens. In this case, that was undesirable, and I applied a brush to shove it away. But we also have clear embossing powder, which takes on the color of the ink that was used to stick it to the paper. Now that I know that also works with felt tip pens, I'll be sure to experiment with that a bit in the future.
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