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Roleplaying games and scheduling

OK, so I understand that we're all adults, and that we can't play RPG's all night every night. I'm an adult now too (*cough*), and I have basically the same problems.
So here's what I do: I write a prospectus, detailing the various campaigns that I consider running. People give points to these campaigns, and I take the top-scoring ones and invite the people who bid the most on those campaigns. I even start running two campaigns: MagicCaptors and the Continuum game.
We schedule an initial meeting (not too far in the future), and everything runs smoothly. At the end of each session, we schedule the next session, some three weeks in the future.

It all works like a charm, until someone can't make the appointed date. Then we get into scheduling limbo: I ask people to mail a set of dates that are convenient for them, some of them don't do that, the appointed time window passes, and nothing happens.
I mean, I understand that you are all busy people, but come on! I'm busy too -- too busy to have to call everybody about a new date. I thought you people wanted to play this campaign -- now it's just like you're doing me a favor by turning up or something. But it's not: I'm doing you a favor by running these games -- they take enough time as it is without having to babysit everyone.

My Amber campaign bled dry because of this. All what was needed was one lousy session, but we never got around to actually doing that. It burned me out for some time, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with that again. I think I'll give 'em all one more chance, and then I'll just chuck the campaigns I guess. I don't want to, but I want to deal with stuff like that even less.

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