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The past weeks I have been pretty 'out of it' -- first there was the 'vacation fatigue' (as you all have read in this journal, our vacation to Japan wasn't exactly relaxing). Then, right the week after we returned, we had a builder come and fix the doors at the back of the house. You see, we have gorgeous double wooden doors in the back of the house to the garden, and another set of the same doors in the shed. But the soil of the garden is too high, so thresholds were set into the soil -- so in five years, the thresholds were all rotted through. We're almost done with it -- next wednesday he will return to set the new doors into the shed, because those had rotted all through... Anyway, that meant a week without doors during the day (and the doors ajar most of the evening), so that was very, very cold.

I'm slowly regaining my footing, and returning to the routine. I've whittled my to-do list at work down quite nicely. I've managed to make a good contribution to the D&D session of last Tuesday (my character seems to have the D&D equivalent of an MBA...). We've been to nathreee's birthday bash yesterday and managed to stay awake beyond 23:00 for once...

One of the patches I submitted to the Viking project, merging specific tracks, has been committed to the Subversion repository of the project by the project maintainer. The other one, which sorts tracks by the timestamp of the first trackpoint when exporting to GPX, has passed muster and will be committed as well when the maintainer comes around to it. Which is pretty cool -- he mailed me that he hoped to receive more patches from me. That's a nice ego-boost, since it's been a while since I coded in C and the first time I used GTK in C.

Also, I tried to find an open source tool that runs on Linux for synchronising the contents of two MySQL databases. You see, I still dump all the fansubs on Sootball periodically and do the FitOnCD-thing on there (VNC'ed in from Calcifer, of course). But that means that the information on which episode of which series is on which disc is entered into the CDIndex database on Sootball -- and since Sootball is only switched on when I'm burning off fansubs these days, I installed the CDIndex webapp onto Calcifer, so that it's always available.
But that means that I need a mechanism to synchronise the two. So I searched around -- surely there are more people who have a need for such a tool, right? But there is nothing. Sure, there are tons of tools for synchronising the database structure, and there are paid tools that run under Windows that sync the database contents -- but my search for such a tool that runs on Linux and is open source (or at least free) turned up empty. Quite dissapointing!
So today I wrote a rather quick-and-dirty Python script to sync up the specific CDIndex database across two machines.

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