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Finished series: Doujin Work

We've finished watching Doujin Work. My first episode review is here.

Osana's friend is a total manga lover, and she draws doujin in her spare time -- erotic ones, obviously. Osana accompanies her to a Comiket, and discovers there's money to be made by creating doujin and selling those at events such as Comiket. There's one drawback: Osana has no artistic ability...
And so Osana sets out to become rich by creating doujin -- a bit of a hare-brained plan if there ever was one. She accumulates a group of friends who help her, and even a rival (who is equally bad at drawing)!

Twelve half-length episodes mean that there's very little time to do any sort of plot development. It's funny, but there's little more than throw-away puns, lots of innuendo and miscommunication -- the series doesn't manage to leave a big impression. Add the fact that the animation is all rather basic, and you get something that's hard to get too enthusiastic about -- unless you're very much into doujin yourself.

I'll give it a 5.5 -- it scrapes by just barely.

Also, the review queue is 19 items long! I gotta get to work!
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