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Map headaches

Yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to get a DIV super-imposed onto the Google Maps output of gpsvisualizer.com. Apparently, that is unpossible to do... Luckily, I found another solution to display the full-size photos. I'm considering making a waypoint/photo database and producing the HTML with PHP, but that's a lot of work and I'm not sure I'm up to it -- most of the stuff can be done with a bit of manual typing anyway. I expect to be able to put the maps online somewhere next week.

Meanwhile, I've submitted another patch to the Viking project. Viking stores the tracks in a hashtable, which is quite reasonable. But exporting to GPX is done through a foreach-construction, and so the order of the tracks in the resulting GPX-file is sort-of random. Which is fine, but gpsvisualizer.com uses the order of the tracks to determine the color of the track (progressing from red to violet) and the order of the track names in the track listing. Obviously, I want the tracks to be listed in chronological order on my maps...
So I extended Viking so that it sorts the tracks by timestamp of the first waypoint -- that way, the tracks are exported to GPX in chronological order. Works pretty well!

It's slowly coming together, which is cool. Progress is nice.

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