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A design challenge

I've been toying with DVD authoring, with DVDlab and TMPGenc. I already knew quite a bit about AVIs, DivX, encoding etc, and I have now added MPEG2 and AC3 encoding, changing frame rates and DVD authoring to the skill set.
So, I encoded the first four episodes of Kokoro Library onto a DVD, with menus (episode and scene select), and all.

However, I think it would be cool if I have a (small) front-loading animation with a text like "Fub DVD Encodes" (or something like that), just like all the studios have. And as all of you know, I can't draw/design graphics my way out of a wet paper bag.
So here's the challenge: design me that animation, and in return, I'll author a whole series of your choice, that I have as fansubs, onto DVD for you! Apply within! ;)

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