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Food and travel

Japanese TV has this weird thing going on: variety shows with lots of clips of all sorts of different things, and a 'panel' of semi-celebrities watch them together with the public and comment on them. During the clips, you see a small square ('picture in picture' as it were) of one of the panel who looks at the same clip. You're watching people watch TV, basically.
Also, there are the travel programmes -- most often of a certain area within Japan. You see a group of people (I've seen two geezers and another one with three ladies) travel from point to point, visit the onsen and sample the local food. It's mostly about the food though -- every five minutes they're eating something different.

And right now they're showing the unholy union of the two: a variety show filled with clips from stores (mostly food stores, obviously) of a certain locale, that is being watched by a panel. With everything that's sweet, the women shriek that it looks tasty and they want to eat it. And every five minutes or so, the show cuts to the studio where everyone is seated behind a desk -- with a steaming plate of whatever it was that was just shown in front of them. I guess it takes an iron stomach and the capability to process herculean amounts of food in order to become a panel celebrity in Japan...

For the foreign casual observer, it's pretty fun though -- especially if you start guessing just what is inside those special dumplings!

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