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We're there!

Just as we had settled in for that annoying half an hour that you're all set and waiting for the taxi, the taxi was there. So we took one train earlier, then breezed through baggage-checkin and the passport control. We had a bit of time before boarding, so e had lunch (a tiny sparrow was on the prowl inside the airport!) and did some minimal shopping. I bought a book by Eckart Wintzen, the boss of systems integrator BSO and Origin, about his experiences -- he's the Dutch Richard Branson, really. Fun and interesting stuff to read -- though I did get a huge papercut...

The plane-ride itself was uneventful but tiring. We didn't manage to really sleep, and sitting for a nine-hour flight (one hour faster than scheduled!) is really tiring. We had a bit of hassle exchanging the Train Pass exchange vouchers for the actual pass: the procedure was quite involved, and was executed by a girl who had just the right hairdo for starring in one of those Japanese "hair-horror" movies... Her handwriting was beautiful.

Of course our hotel is too cheap to be serviced by the "Friendly Airport Limousine", so we had to walk with our luggage for a bit through the busy streets of Akasaka (it's lunchtime, so everyone is out to grab a bite). Lots of eateries very close by, so we'll manage. It's also close to where we were staying five years ago, and to our surprise we did recognise quite a few spots. Still, the GPS receiver served its purpose well in finding the hotel.
Officially, check-in time isn't until 15:00, so we were four hours early. But luckily our room had already been prepared, so now we can grab a quick shower to rinse off the grime of "airplane marinade" before we head out again. The room is small but has all the neccessities, and even some more things like a tea maker.

Also, the internet connection in the room is pretty speedy. They even supplied a UTP cable!

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