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Mouryou no Hako: Set just after WW2. The series starts off with a (short) shot of a girl's head in a box (still alive!), and then goes on to describe the friendship between two girls. One smart and elegant, the other poor and plain. They tell themselves that they are eachother's reincarnation, and that they will simple go round and round and round again. A suicide pact in the making, so to speak. But the elegant one isn't perfect...
Mysterious and beautiful, set in a time when small-town Japan was at it's smallest. Character designs by CLAMP, so expect girls with long, flowing hair and a mysterious look in their eyes.

Skip Beat!: Kyoko followed her childhood friend Sho to Tokyo, where he works as an actor and singer. He wants to become the biggest star, and Kyoko supports him by working various jobs to pay the rent. Sho only comes home for clean clothes and then sets off again... Then one day, Kyoko has a deliver for Sho from one of her jobs in a hamburger joint, and she overhears him talk with his manager about Kyoko. It turns out that she means nothing to him, and that he just uses her as a cheap maid! Kyoko decides to get her revenge by entering showbiz too and becoming more popular than Sho!
Fun old-school shoujo. The manga is from 2002, that's why the character designs look a bit dated, but that hardly detracts.

Ga Rei Zero: Japan is under attack by various supernatural threats. The SDF has a special unit to deal with the problem, but they are no match for the more hefty cases. Luckily, there is a squad of highly talented people who can see the ghosts without technical aid, and of course they save the day! But once one threat is dealt with, another pops up!
A seemingly never-ending stream of fights against supernatural creatures -- one even more powerful than the other, with highly improbable super-stunts pulled off by the heroes. Lesser beings like SDF personnel and the random firefighter crew are slaughtered by the dozen, but all it takes is a wheelie with a motorcycle to clean up the mess! Oh, and at the end of the episode, even the special unit is slaughtered by a super-supernatural threat. Or something -- by that time I was already beyond caring.

Kemeko DX: Sanpeita had a childhood friend whom he promised to marry, just the day before she moved away. That was ten years ago. Then suddenly, a chibi robot pops up that wreaks havoc to his quiet little life by insisting he marry her! Turns out that his childhood friend is inside the thing (how that fits is anybody's guess) -- and she vows to protect him from the various flying kitchen appliances a large corporation sends after him!
Totally random in a Dokkoida or Potemayo-type of way.

Akiba-chan: Unholy hybrid of CGI and stop-motion. Cute harebrained girls setting their apartment on fire trying to cook something.

Detroit Metal City: Soichi enjoys easy-listening pop music and songs about love. So he joins a band. Which turns out to be a death metal band. Soichi dons lots of makeup (think Kiss but even worse) and assumes the stage-name of Krauser. He belts songs about death, murder and rape on-stage, but he really wants to make poppy love songs that he can let his mother listen to. And because he looks nothing like Krauser in his daily life, he gets into lots of trouble. Very, very amusing trouble, like almost being beaten up by his own fans.

Tytania: Space opera, with a noble family (the Tytania) being the most powerful family and space navy. But these aristocrats (styled after the British, complete with tea) always play by certain rules, and that makes 'em vulnerable to clever tactics!
Obviously the Tytania are powerhungry aristos who don't care about anyone else but themselves, so there's bound to be a backlash. The space battle reminded me very much of Spaceship Operators -- it's all very tactical, which is very fun to watch.
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