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Yesterday we attended babarage's wedding. It was relaxed, fun and cozy. The catering was perfect. And it was a good thing we had booked a room at the location. See klik's entry for the blow-by-blow description of the day.

We have collected the folders and other info for our trip to Japan, next week. The Osaka city guide dedicated a whole page to 100 yen shops -- weird, but we already know that people from Osaka are crazy!. There were two folders with various walking tours that brought you to the various sightseeing spots in a particular area, along with directions on how to get there and back -- I'll have to pack the walking shoes.
I also uploaded the various Points of Interest (Freespot and FON wireless, food places) into the GPS, as well as the caches. The geocaching booklets are all done as well.

Tomorrow and friday is another day of work for me, and then we'll start packing!

(And if we get stressed out from all the travel and walking, we'll just visit Neko no Jikan, where we can pay a small fee to spend an hour petting the 19 available cats.)
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