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Yozakura Quartet: There's this circle of cherry trees that was used as a gate between the youkai and human world. In modern times, a city has sprung up, and youkai and humans coexist there. Of course, not every youkai wants to keep to the rules, and it's up to a team of four youkai and a single human to keep the peace. Akina is the last of the 'tuners', who can possess the youkai and send them through the gate.
Action-packed and funny, well drawn. There are hints of a greater plot, so there's a good chance it won't turn into a 'monster of the week'-series.

Shikabane Hime: Aka: An orphan moves out after he discovers that the budhist temple that runs the orphanage is part of a secret organisation that retains a zombie to combat other undead. Obviously, he encounters the zombie again, and witnesses her dispatching a vampire-type undead creature. Or something like that. It's a bit confusing -- there's not much plot development or characterisation, there's just zombie-girl kicking undead ass.

Earl and Fairy: Lydia lives near Edinburgh, and she is a 'fairy doctor': she can see and speak with the various fairies that coexist with humanity. Of course, she is 'that crazy young lady'. It turns out that a king knighted a fairy noble as earl, and presented him with a sword to symbolise his dominion over his lands in Brittania and in the fairy kingdom. The current earl, who has lost the mystical powers of his forefathers, needs to retrieve this sword that has been hidden somewhere on his lands -- and he needs someone well-versed in all fairy-related matters. He shamelessly manipulates poor Lydia into helping him!
Amusing shoujo-fare, with adventurous young women who fall for the charms of handsome and refined villains.

Hyakko: Four girls meet during their first day in high school. The school is rather big, and they get lost trying to find their classroom. There's the timid girl who wants to become less clumsy and uncertain in high school, there's the refined and 'proper' high-class girl, there's the silent and strong girl, and there's the "loose cannon" who gets them in all sorts of trouble. Perhaps a bit formulaic, but amusing anyway.

Mr. Ajiko: Young kid learned cooking by watching his late father. Then one day, an old geezer who turns out to be the culinary authority in Japan comes to eat. They make a wager, and the young kid wins the day by using the two-stage frying technique! It's almost like a martial arts series, except with weirdly named moves, the 'combatants' use cooking techniques. Also, it's a retro-sub.

Kurogane no Linebarrels: Koichi is a loser who needs his two friends to keep him out of trouble. He keeps blathering on about that soon he will gain tremendous power, which everyone dismisses as stupid ranting. Then a mecha and a naked girl fall out of the sky, on top of him, and it turns out that he can pilot the thing. He makes short work of three mecha of some shady organisation that attack him, which leads to a lot of "muhahaha"-like rants.
The character designs are quite minimalistic, the 2D animation is simplistic, but the 3D CGI is very refined. Lately, I haven't been impressed with Gonzo's work anymore.

Tales of the Abyss: Luke is the son of a noble of kingdom A, who had been kidnapped by kingdom B. When he returned, he couldn't remember what happened... So his over-protective father has him confined to the castle, in fear that Luke would be harmed again -- much to Luke's dismay. When he is sparring with his fencing teacher, a woman appears who attacks the teacher. Luke interferes, and somehow he and the woman are transported somewhere else. They have to cooperate to get back...
Fantasy story with many magical overtones and grand schemes by orders of knights and kings. Luke is a bit of a brat, but I'm sure he'll learn in time.

Casshern Sins: A sequel of the life-action Casshern movie (which we've seen, but it's been so long ago that it's hard to remember what it was about -- except for a masked guy who beat the crap out of everyone). The world has become a desolate place, and only the most hardy manage to eke out a living among the destruction. Casshern sort of lounges about, gets attacked by robots and then beats the crap out of them. He meets a little robot girl, saves her from a large robot, and then she gets scared by his tremendous power, and Casshern is left alone again.
Kinda hard to see where this is going. The world is an almost featureless plain of broken concrete and water... what plot could have such an environment as its backdrop?

Kurozuka: During the Kamakura shogunate (that's the 12th century), a young man and his retainer are targeted by assassins. They flee into a valley, and seek shelter at the house of Kuromitsu. The retainer goes for help, and during an attack by assassins, it is revealed that Kuromitsu is actually an immortal vampire! The young man is mortally wounded, and Kuromitsu offers to make him a vampire too...
Promises to be an interesting story about what happens with you when you live for 800 years. Very nicely drawn too, but not for people who get queasy when they see blood spatter everywhere.
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