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More new anime

Nodame Cantabile: Paris chapter: Noda and Chiaki arrive in Paris, and they settle into their appartments (once again they're neighbours). Chiaki is determined to advance into his carreer as a conductor and to be apprenticed to Viera-sensei, while Noda is sort of tagging along. They meet fellow music students (a French self-confessed otaku and a lazy Russian girl), whom they leave impressed with the Japanese stamina and determination...
It'll probably be more of the same -- especially since the relationship between Chiaki and Noda has been 'reset' to its previous level. But the first episode was funny, nice to look at, and it was like the best episodes of the first series. It'll be a fun ride.

Kyou no Go no Ni: TV-version of the OVA, but with the ecchi-ness toned waaay down. (Or at least, the first episode was kinda tame.)

Net Ghost PIPOPA: A young boy is scared of electronics, because of a traumatic experience when he was a very little child. Which is kinda bad, since his family moved to a city filled with electronics (including lots of surveillance...). Turns out that he can 'enter' the cyberworld, where he meets three 'net ghosts', who are chased by a virus. Yeah, completely wrong and weird portrayal of network hard- and software, typical shounen stuff, and obviously lots of shouting and confusion.

Chaos;Head: Takumi is a semi-hikikomori who lives in a shipping container on a roof. He has all sorts of delusions. There is a series of strange murder cases in the neighbourhood, which makes Takumi even more nervous. One of his IM-contacts sends him a link to an image that is supposedly of the next murder (that hasn't even happened yet!) -- and the next night, Takumi stumbles across that exact murder scene, and one of the murderers (a girl) recognises him and calls him by name. Very confusing, and Takumi is a total dweeb -- you're almost hoping he's next.

Akane-iro ni Samaru Saka: Junichi has a fearsome reputation -- totally undeserved, the result of the rumours his two friends spread about him. One day, he 'saves' a girl from two annoying guys, and of course the next day it is revealed that she will transfer into his class. She turns out to be from a rich family, and she is interested in Junichi. They're pressured by the expectations of their classmates, and in an ill-advised move, Junichi kisses her in the classroom -- much to her dismay. That very evening, she moves into Junichi's home (that he shares with a younger sister -- parents not in sight) as his fiancee.
Most unfunny setup ever, for a plot that's been done to death already.

J-Decker: Yuta befriends a robot that's meant to be used by the police. When it's activated, its memory banks are cleared -- but miraculously he remembers Yuta when he is threatened by a robot-stealing thief! Shounen retro-sub. I loved the hair of the head of the police, but that was pretty much the only highlight of the series for me.

Toradora!: Riyuji looks like a really tough guy, which makes everyone afraid of him, even though he is very kind-hearted. (When he bumps into two guys on the street, they give him their wallets so as not to get into a fight -- he brings the wallets to the police station, and the agent remarks: "You sure seem to find a lot of wallets"....) At school, most of the kids are afraid of him, but he secretly likes Minori. Then he has a little run-in with Taiga ("the Palmtop Tiger"), a short but ill-tempered girl who can't take care of herself and who happens to live next door. Accidentally, the two find out the object of the others crush, and they make a deal to help each other. Amusing -- it is to hope that Taiga's attitude towards Riyuji will improve somewhat as the series goes on.

Hoshi no Umi no Amuri: The 'Star Ocean' nomiker made me think it was a continuation of the Star Ocean EX anime -- but that is far from the truth. Amuri has a weird power called 'Repulsion': any fast-moving object is repulsed by some sort of force-field around her (and that includes the Earth when she falls during ice-skating...). Amuri goes into space to go to a space station, but the robotships of a nearby garbage planet attack, and Amuri gets caught up in it!
Quite weird, all CGI (which can be seen in the slightly stilted movements of the characters), tries a little bit too hard to be 'cute' with the almost-helpless young girls.
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