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Geocaching booklets

With only a week left before we leave on our trip to Japan, our preparations are shifting into higher gear. We're looking through guidebooks for things to do and see, and of course I am preparing hardcopies of the descriptions of the geocaches that we might want to do/wander close by. GetCache, my own tool (that may or may not violate the Groundspeak ToS), is very handy for this.

However, it's a lot of caches. And even if I print two-sided, it's still a lot of paper. But OpenOffice.org has a very handy feature built in: printing as a 'Brochure'. This will print two pages on a single side of the paper. Microsoft Word can do that too (through printer driver settings), but the Brochure setting will also shuffle the pages in such a way that you can simply stack the pages, fold 'em in the middle, and you'll have a booklet without having to shuffle the pages yourself!

So now I am making 'geocaching booklets' for all the places we're going. TNJ has a stapler large to staple through booklets like that, so we're all set.
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