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New anime

I'm taking a break from scripting to bring you all up to date on the new anime that's been coming out this season.

ef - a tale of melodies: sequel to 'ef - a tale of memories', set later in time (apparently). The same character designs, the same fast and edgy conversations, the same avant-garde direction and short cuts. This time it seems the focus is on supporting characters in the first series, while the main characters in the previous series are but supporting characters here. If you liked one, you'll (probably) like the other.

Kuroshitsuji: The young master of the Phantomhive estate, leading toy manufacturer in the world, has a butler called Sebastian. Sebastian always knows what to say and what to do -- uncannily so. He always serves his master's best interest, no matter what it is... Meanwhile, the other servants are completely unaware of the true nature of Sebastian.
Amusing and with a decidedly dark and gothic undertone.

To Aru Majutsu no Index: Toma lives in a large school town (only middle and highschoolers, with some cleaning robots to look after them - yeah, sounds like a great idea, right? At least it's a novel way to Get Rid Of The Parents First). Some kids there have powerful psychic powers, like the ability to generate a magnetic field. Toma has only one ability: everything he touches with his right hand gets 'dispelled' without harming him -- but that also gives him quite bad luck.
One day, he finds a girl in a white habit dangling over the railing on his balcony. It's "Index", and she holds knowledge of magical books. Because of that, wizards are after her for her knowledge. Toma feeds her and then sends her on her way, but when he gets back home, she is lying in front of his apartment, wounded...
Rather whimsical, funny at times (most of the comedy seems to come from Toma's bad luck), and of course there's a lot more going on than is shown in the first episode.

Kannagi: Jin makes a statue of a woman out of the wood of a sacred tree that's been cut down. When he is about to transport it to school, the 'kami' of the tree possesses it and it comes to life! It's "Nagi", the spirit of the shrine, but she is a bit weakened. She needs Jin to help her cleanse the impurities that have sprung up since the tree has been cut down. So now Jin is living with a girl that knows little of the modern world, and who is easily influenced by things like magical girl TV series...
Pretty interesting set-up. Nagi is cute, and I'm sure the two of them will get into all sorts of amusing misadventures.
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