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Calcifer is here

I called the store this afternoon, to ask if they had the MSI Wind PCs on stock. They had two. One of my colleagues had expressed interest in one too, so I made a deal with him to get him one too. klik came to collect me at 16:30, we went to the city centre, and got two of the machines.

I am typing this on the new machine. Ubuntu install was completely painless: the (integrated) videocard was detected without any problems -- I didn't even need to install a restricted module to get a resolution of 1280x1024 (which I prefer, I could have gone higher). Sound works out of the box too.

Sure, the update process that's going on right now pulls the CPU to 100%, but that's something I can live with. Especially when it's as quiet as this thing. I will be converting all my stuff over to this little machine (which I have named Calcifer), to use it for my day-to-day needs.
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