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Care and feeding of anime collections

As you all know, I download an unholy number of fansubs. Managing this takes quite a bit of time: I have to keep track of new releases, let the torrents download, put the episodes in the right directory and then burn it all off to DVD, thereby indexing the episodes in a database so that I can find everything back again when needed.
Most of the chain is automated, except for keeping track of new releases and putting the downloaded fansubs into the right (series-)directory. And the first one is about to become automated as well.

Baka-Updates, the aggregation site that I keep tabs on, offers an RSS feed. And the Universal Feed Parser for Python can parse RSS... All I needed to code was a way to store which series by which subbing group I want, and a script that parses the RSS, identifies new releases that I want, and download the torrent files to the directory where Deluge will pick 'em up to download.
In two evenings of mucking around, I have something basic that works. Now I need it to send reports through email if it downloads something, and an email-reading interface so that I can add or remove torrents by sending a mail to a certain address. This will significantly decrease the time I need to spend on refreshing the releases page, and will ensure I don't miss a single release anymore!
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