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Some choices make themselves

So, the EeeBox is EUR 250, and that includes the Microsoft Tax. I know of two suppliers of the EeeBox, MyCom and Dunnet. I mailed both of them about the possibility of not accepting the EULA and getting a refund for the price of the OEM license of WinXP Home (about EUR 70) -- and then using that refund towards purchase of a TFT monitor at their store.
Both mailed me back saying that that was impossible because it was ASUS that put WinXP on the box, and not them.

And then I stumbled across this thing. It's the MSI Wind version of the EeeBox, but it doesn't have an OS, has double the harddisk size and comes with a DVD burner. Oh, and it's cheaper too!

Yes, some choices really do make themselves.
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