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I just placed my first recipe on the site where I got most of my slowcooker recipes: Chicken legs stewed in a mustard-cream sauce. For the slowcooker, obviously.

When I was a teenager, we (almost always) went to a club camping near Orleans, in France. Everyone knew everyone, and soon (mainly because of the social skills of my dad and my sister) our family was part of the clan. One of the members, an electrician, was a hobby-cook. He would invite the whole (adult) clique for a luxurious home-cooked dinner in his not-so-luxurious apartment in a suburb of Orleans. The last time we went to France as a family, I was old enough to join. I can't remember what the menu was, except that I had delicious rack of deer with a very light red-wine sauce.
Later, he married the daughter of the owner of a vineyard, which meant he had access to the wines to go with the food.

One of the things my parents ate was 'Lapin au moutarde': rabbit with mustard sauce. My mom asked for the recipe, and she adapted it to use chicken -- us kids didn't really care much for the taste of rabbit. I cooked it a few times myself, but because it has to be stewed, it takes a lot of time to prepare.
Unless, of course, you have a slowcooker. The preparations themselves are pretty light-weight, and once it's in the slowcooker you can simply forget about it until dinner time! So I tried the recipe, and at the second try I hit the jackpot: deliciously stewed chicken in a rich mustard sauce!

So it was time to do something back for the community that has provided me with many slowcooker recipes, and write it up.
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