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I had invited luna_puella for another day of geocaching next week, but she has to work then. So when our plans for today fell through, we wanted to go caching (nice weather!) and she could join us!
We had selected a few promising caches in the general area of Udenhout, so after we collected luna_puella at home, we went there -- to find the annual Survival Run taking place, following the same route as we had to do for two of the three caches we had planned!
At least around the third cache we didn't see any runners/climbers/mudwrestlers, so we started doing that one -- and got stuck at the third waypoint. So we didn't do any caching today!

We went for an icecream (as is traditional), and ended up at the local festivities in a nearby village. Small-town provincial charm, I guess.
Then we dropped luna_puella off back home, had a few cups of tea with her and her mother, and then went back home -- no finds today! But it was fun, and we'll have our rematch soon!
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