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Finished series: Blue Drop

We've finished watching Blue Drop. My first episode review is here.

The main character of Blue Drop is Mari, who used to live with her grandmother. She lost her parents in some apocalyptic event five years ago, that she can't remember anymore. Her grandmother sends her to a chique all-girls boarding school, much to Mari's chagrin. There she meets Hagino, the school idol, and she dislikes her at first sight -- Hagino's attempt to strangle her when they first meet may have something to do with that...
It turns out that Mari and Hagino are strangely connected, and that they have to work out their differences and similarities together, helped by their friends but hindered by the enemy of all humankind.

Turns out that Hagino is an alien, of a female-only species. She is the commander of a space-faring submarine (UFO flashback...), part of the initial wave of the invasion force. Her submarine was the first to make landfall, and her crew and the humans fought fiercely -- on the island where Mari lived. Everyone died because of some sort of catastrophic reactor failure and the resulting psychic waves, and Mari is the sole survivor of the whole thing!
Obviously, it takes some time for Hagino and Mari to find out just how they are connected, and the commander of the invasion force does her utmost best to force Hagino back into the fold. Hagino herself, meanwhile, is wrecked by guilt -- both because of the death of her crew(wo)men and because of what happened to the humans on the island. She has come to the boarding school to see what the humans are like, and slowly but surely she starts to rebel against her superiors -- Hagino does not want any more damage done to the humans.

The plot meanders quite a bit through the series, and the sub-plots that are staples for anime (like "friends pulling each other through") make quite a few appearances.
The series is made by Gonzo, which means technical perfection when it comes to the CGI -- expecially the mechanical designs and lighting effects. But alas, the character animation suffers: character designs are pretty basic and the non-CGI animation is not the best. It is clear where most of the budget went, and it's not into the cell-animation. A pity, because Gonzo can certainly do better.
There's one neat trick to the series: every episode is given the name of a flower, and the meaning of that flower in "the language of flowers" has a relation to what happens in the episode. And every episode features a shot (however briefly) of the flower that the episode was named after. That's a pretty nice touch, and makes you pay attention to the backgrounds (which is just as well, since the character animation doesn't really dazzle you anyway).

I guess the whole series can be described as "uninspired". The source material is pretty good, but the writers and animators didn't bring out the best of it.

Good points:
- Good source material;
- Interesting character interactions.
Bad points:
- Uninspired.

All in all, I'll give it a 6.5. Yes, it's nice, but by the end of it, you're ready to get it over with.
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