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Some finished business

I haven't posted much. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing things.

- I reinstalled Ubuntu on the EeePC. I was not satisfied with the eeebuntu distribution: it contained lots of stuff that I didn't want, and was in general very different from what I was used to from my normal desktop. The solution was to install the standard Ubuntu Hardy Heron distro, and then run the niceeepc script. Works like a charm -- just don't let it install the 'recommended software', because that will once again put all sorts of crap on your machine.

- I have a small Python script that automates some geocaching-related tasks, mainly involving planning and preparing the data. I have shared this script with another Linux user, and he had some good suggestions. Now it is in a form where I can release it to others to use.

- Tonight, I managed to configure Pidgin to connect to LJTalk. Now I have even more ways to bug other people.

- I shuffled lots of anime around and burned quite a few DVDs filled with fansubs. The care and feeding of an anime addiction takes quite a bit of time -- I'm thinking of writing a small script that automates some of those tasks for me. (The part that isn't already automated yet, I mean.)

- Since last week, I have been rowing 2 kilometers every day. Takes me about 10 minutes. It's boring, but at least it doesn't destroy my ankles.
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