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Finished series: Shigofumi

We've finished watching Shugofumi. My first episode review is here.

At first sight, Shigofumi is about how the dead can send a letter from the afterlife back to the living. Fumika, the postal worker who delivers the letters, aided by her staff Kanaka, is merely the catalyst around whom the human drama unfolds. Fumika gets her assignments in the twilight between life and death, and we see a few heartwarming stories, but also a few rather creepy ones, where there is much below the surface that only becomes apparent when the letter is delivered.
But the second half of the series is about Fumika herself. The postal workers are recruited from the dead, which is why they don't age. Except that Fumika does age. Ergo: she is not dead (yet).
Through some sleuthing from some kids and her colleague, it is uncovered that Fumika is actually alive but in a coma in a hospital in her 'postal region'.
When Fumika sees herself, this sets off a chain of recollections, and she goes to visit her father. This does not go well, and through a series of escalating events, Fumika is forced to come to grips with her past, her father and the things she did...

Visually, the presentation is competent but not eye-popping. The character designs are all kinda plain, it doesn't stand out. The same can be said of the voice acting: competent but plain.
Plot-wise, there's quite a bit here: there are stories both heart-warming and shocking, but there is also the plot about Fumika herself. All crammed into twelve episodes -- and the series manages to reach closure as well. That's pretty tight writing.

Good points:
- Interesting plotting;
- Competently executed.
Bad points:
- Nothing to make it stand out very much.

All in all, an enjoyable view, but nothing you will look back to with fond memories in a few years' time. A 7.
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