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It is done.

My site about using a handheld GPS receiver to plan a trip to Japan is done. While some of it is specifically aimed at Japan, some of the information (how to find your hotel in Google Maps, how to determine the location, how to use that to find things close by to see using Google Earth) are pretty universal.

I'm especially pleased by the fact that I managed to convert the Python scripts to Windows executables that actually run, and by the Link Generator that's all done in Javascript with cookies.

Also, check out the Tools-section for some links to some pretty awesome GPS-related software. I use GPSBabel all the time to up- and download stuff to and from my GPS receiver. I use gpicsync to geocode klik's photos. I use Viking to merge and edit the resulting GPX files. And I use the GPS Visualizer to make an online map of the whole thing. Yes, it's a bit of hassle, but it's fun to have an interactive tour.

Tomorrow, I'll publicise the site a bit more. For now, time to relax. Been a busy week.
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