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New Year's wrap-up

On the last day of the year, I had to work. I had started early on the previous two days, so I could leave early. Originally, babarage would come over to Nijmegen and ride with us to Utrecht (to xaviar_nl and gertvr), drive us back and sleep at our place. But alas, she wasn't feeling too well and wanted to sleep in her own bed.
We packed some stuff (wedding photos, onigiri and lots of games) and set off to Utrecht. Traffic was very light, so we made good time and arrived around 6 o'clock.
A wonderful dinner was had (tacos with a choice of ingredients, and a delicious self-made tiramisu) and we set to work: gaming! I don't think I remember everything we played, but most notable was Set!, a card game of pattern recognition. Cards have four features (shape, number, filling of the shape and color) and three values for each feature. 12 cards a played open, and you have to spot 'sets' of cards. For each feature, the three cards must either all have the same value, or different values. Hard to explain in text, but if you see the cards in front of you, you'll pick it up in no time.
I completely suck a playing Set. Apparently my mind works too slow, when compared to the rest of the gang. But, when everybody else had given up on finding a set in those twelve cards, I managed to find a set! Apparently my brain works slow, methodically and thoroughly. ;)
We also played Kurier des Zaren, which we hadn't played with five people yet. We used the 'official variant', but that proved to pose some problems when all rubels were taken. In the end, we managed to come to a consensus as to what to do in such a case. I don't think people are entirely convinced -- yet.

And then it was five to midnight, so we quickly turned on the TV to see the countdown. After wishing everybody the best wishes for the new year, we went outside to see the fireworks. Nobody of our group had brought any, so we just stood on the gallery of xaviar_nl and gertvr's apartment and watched a new neighbour of theirs fumble with his fireworks.
This guy was pretty scary: apparently he didn't have an empty bottle, so he launched everything from his hand! His fireworks went all over the place, and on that gallery we were at the right height to catch all of the fireballs he was launching... That, and the cold, made us go inside quickly again.
Meanwhile, xaviar_nl had stayed with their little cat who hadn't seen any fireworks in his whole life. He was upset, but not in a blind panic, which was good.

We played some more games (babarage won suspiciously many) and then set off home. We had to improvise storing our stuff, as we had gotten a lime-green Fatboy Original from xaviar_nl and gertvr -- it had been part of xaviar_nl's christmas package from his work, but since they didn't have any room for it in their living room, they wanted to give it to us. Let me tell you, Fatboys are pretty neat things. It's a gigantic pillow, perfect for lounging about. But this also meant that we had some trouble stuffing it in the back of our car -- it fills up our trunk completely.

Yesterday, rupertdaily and jangerben came over. We had invited babarage as well, but she was (again) feeling a bit under the weather, so she copped out -- again. We had baked some bread, so a good breakfast/brunch/lunch was had, and we watched Shaolin Soccer.

Today, we both have the day off, so I suspect we'll spend it doing some shopping and, again, lounging about the house. We don't have anything planned for the weekend either, so I look forward to three relaxing days, before we have to go to work again.

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