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Finished series: Mokke

We've finished watching Mokke. My first episode review is here.

Mokke is about two sisters. Shizuru, the eldest, goes to highschool. She has a secret: she can see spirits. Mizuki, the youngest, has a secret too: she is easily possessed by spirits. Their parents couldn't handle their supernatural abilities/handicap, so they live with their grandparents -- their grandfather is an expert of sorts on spirits.
When Mizuki gets possessed, it's not like the scenes you see in 'The Excorcist' -- it's just that a spirit keeps close to her and affects the 'atmosphere' around her. Some of the spirits are a bit creepy, but this is certainly not a horror series. The spirits can be a bit dangerous, though, if you don't know how to deal with them.

Their grandfather warns them not to get too deeply involved with the spirits, but that's hard to do. Mizuki doesn't particularly enjoy being possessed, though at times there are some perks to having an all-knowing spirit on your shoulder that can speak to you in such a way that others can't hear it... But she keeps her weakness to spirits a secret from her friends.
Shizuru is in a similar situation. When she sees someone being possessed (Mizuki isn't the only one in the village who has spirit trouble), her grandfather warns her not to get involved -- it is best to ignore spirits. Of course, she finds this hard to do, especially when it's someone she knows personally, like the older brother of her best friend. But how can she help without revealing her ability? Does she have a resposibility to help others because of her ability? How will people react if they find out?

There's some serious themes here, but it's all depicted in a laid-back, small-village style. There are some exciting scenes, but it's more 'slice of life' than action-oriented. The situations the sisters find themselves involved in are pretty interesting, and they're saved by their grandfather more than once.
Visually, the series is pretty uninspired. The animation is basic, and the visuals are pretty rough around the edges. That doesn't detract much from the enjoyment, but it's a pity that a series like this didn't get the budget to polish it all up.

Good points:
- Interesting supernatural situations;
- Not horror;
- Small-town charm, slice of life.
Bad points:
- Visually uninspiring;
- No real ending.

All in all, a nice unpretentious watch, but not something that will blow you away. A 7.
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