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Some of you know that I have organised my fansub collection pretty well. I download stuff and place it in directories: one directory per series. I have written a program, called FitOnCD, which calculates the optimal filling of a CDR (according to one of five different heuristic algorithms). It then writes a CD-definition file for WinOnCD -- all I had to do was to press the 'Record'-button in WinOnCD. And the fansubs thus written are also recorded in the database of CDIndex.
If I need a particular episode of a particular series, I can fire up CDIndex to look up the CD number that contains that episode. Of course the CD's are stacked in cases, ordered by number, so I can quickly locate the stuff I want to watch.

However, my new burner isn't supported by WinOnCD. In fact, the computer crashes when I try to use it on the new drives... So I'm stuck with Nero. Nero has a disastrous binary file format for CD definitions that no-one knows the exact format (and Ahead isn't telling), so that route of development is closed. Drag-and-drop isn't feasible either (there are lots of tutorials on how to accept files via drag-and-drop in your VB program, but none on how to serve them).
Luckily, the thoughful people at Ahead provided us with NeroCMD, part of the NeroAPI package. NeroCMD is a command-line application that burns CDs (and DVDs), and it can accept command-line arguments in an ASCII file. So now I'm re-writing FitOnCD to use that to burn the CDs.

I also want to use DVD+R's as medium for storage -- it'll save me space and money. I want to make 'buffer DVDs': DVD+RW's that contain the 4.7 GBs of fansubs that I need to burn off to keep room on the disk. Then, when a series is completed, I want to collect all the episodes of that series onto a single DVD+R.
Rewriting FitOnCD to accomodate that new strategy is now my currect goal. I've already modified one of the algorithms to work for DVDs (recursively filling the available space after adding all files of a single directory takes too long), next stop will be the burning of the DVD and the indexing in a special 'buffer-table' of the database. And then CDIndex will have to be changed to also look to the buffer-DVDs when I'm looking for an episode.

I'm pretty sure this makes little sense to some (most?) of you, let's just say that I will be able to fully automate things again soon. And, as we all know, laziness is a virtue. Especially when that will mean I have more time to burn fansubs and/or tape 'em on video for my friends.

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