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Give yourself a pat on the back for buying our stuff!

When I was a kid, manuals immediately cut to the chase. You bought something, you read the manual because you wanted to know how it works. So that was what was in the manual: directions for use. If you want to read something else, go to the library!
Nowadays the first line in the manual says something like "Congratulations on buying your new X!" The Americans were first with this, and what with globalisation and all, everyone sort of followed suit. Making you feel good about your purchase, you know. I can see how that works, and it's kinda charming.

A few weeks ago, I ordered some shirts from Threadless. Friday I collected the package from the post office. It seems Threadless upped the ante: on the package (on the outside) it says: "You're awesome, and this package is proof!" To me, there's quite a bit of difference between "hey, you bought our X, good choice!" and "Whoa, you bought our stuff -- you're awesome!"

But then again, I never understood how wearing clothing or shoes of a specific brand made you better than before. Must be an age thing.

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