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Work on your day off

Even though I have a day off ('Hemelvaart', celebrating Jesus' ascension to heaven, don't ask me why it's an official day off here), I have some work to do: tonight the Continuum crew comes to play. I still have to figure out where to put the Corner, who will be the mentor and what he'll tell them about Spanning.
I also need to finish the log of Astrid's Amber session -- I'm at page 3 of 6, so about halfway.

But instead, I'm idling: setting up my LiveJournal, chatting with Kosuke on IRC. Maybe it is because I'm a bit tired: didn't sleep too well tonight (the room we slept in was a bit stuffy) and my back is getting bad again. I should just chill out for an hour or so, and then kick myself into gear: clean up the house and start preparing the Continuum session.

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