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Another campaign

Today I went to Arnhem for the first session of a newly formed D&D3.5 campaign. jangerben was supposed to be there too, but he had fallen ill and had stayed in Zeeland.
We created characters, and I came up with Mondar, the mercenary herbalist! He's a human ranger, who works as a specialist herbalist who fetches precious herbs from the wilds -- for a price. I quite like him, even though he still has to 'grow' in play. I got some good stats and I'm pretty satisfied with my skills. It took me a while to 'get' the concepts behind D&D 3.5, but I think I managed nicely. Except for the feats... that still mystifies me.

As you all know, first sessions of a new campaign can feel somewhat 'forced': there is a need to entice the characters into the scenario and to let them all cooperate into forming a party. Luckily, the characters all 'fit' into the scenario, which is called The Sunless Citadel. It's about a place where each year, a bunch of goblins harvest a special apple that can cure all wounds and illnesses. Well, of course the mercenary herbalist couldn't toss that aside -- there is lots of money to be made! We didn't get too far into the scenario, but already the plot has thickened...
I had fun, even though D&D (in any of its incarnations) isn't my favourite system for RPG. Over dinner, I told the group about my Continuum campaign, and they were duly impressed. ;)

We started out rather late and it was rather late before I got home. I'll ask that we start earlier and stop earlier in future sessions, because I enjoy having some time during the evening to 'wind down'.

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