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More new anime

Telepathy Shoujo Ran: Ran is a latent telepath. Then a transfer student enters the school, who is a fully fledged telepath -- she attacks Ran and her best friend Rui! A psychic battle ensues!
Ran is a genki girl, but other than that, it's all pretty bland, really.

Toshokan Seno: Literally: "Library Wars". The government created an agency for information management. These goons immediately started confiscating books deemed 'unwholesome'. But the government also passed a law to enable libraries to have their own agents -- armed librarians! Iku is an idealistic young woman who enlists at the library army, in order to save the books she so loves.
Pretty bizarre premise: open warfare between two government agencies. Nicely animated, though.

Amatsuki: Rikugo has to take summer classes in history. On the program is an excursion to a museum that uses VR to recreate life in the Edo period. Lots of fun, obviously -- until a ghosts appears and Rikugo is transported to the world depicted by the VR system! So now he has to adapt to this historical time, and find a way back...
Interesting take on the 'modern person is transported back in time'-plot, what with the supernatural and VR-angle.

Gosenzosama banbanzai!: Literally: "Long live the ancestors!" In a typical Japanese family with the typical everyday conflicts, something weird happens: a girl rings the doorbell, and announces that she is the granddaughter of the son. She has travelled back in time to greet her ancestors! Obviously, this is hard to believe, but then irrefutable proof is presented!
It's a retro-sub (almost twenty years old), and the animation is pretty static. We only see a single room -- it reminded me a lot of an absurdistic play. Quite entertaining.

World Destruction: Beast-human hybrids rule the world, and humans have been relegated to the second plan. Ashera, a human, has the Orb of Destruction, and is dubbed 'The World Destruction Committee' by her enemies, the beastmen. When she eats at the inn where Kyrie (a human disguised as a beastman) works, they have to flee together. They make a few additional enemies, and since Kyrie has nowhere else to go, they team up to destroy the world!
Entertaining setup, a bit like a furry wild-west with lots of sand. It's also decently animated... and it has Maaya Sakamoto in the lead role!

Yadamon: Retrosub, about the young witch Yadamon who befriends a boy whose parents work at a scientific lab studying prehistoric eggs.

Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo: Ryoko is an investigator for the police. She is able to solve many cases that at first glance seem to have a supernatural component. She is quite arrogant, and doesn't shy away from forcing her underling, poor Junichiro, to accompany her shopping. But when they witness a man turning into a pile of ashes, Ryoko's interest is piqued. She seems more interested in her carreer and her rivalry with another female police investigator than with actually solving the case...
Quite amusing, well drawn, and Ryoko is delightfully egocentric.

Yatterman: Two young kids use their dog-like mecha Yatterwan to thwart the plans of a gang of three thieves.
Colorful and childish. It gave off a definate 'Dastardly and Muttley'-vibe. But then again, it's a remake of a 30-year old series.

Zenryoku Usagi: A building company staffed by rabbits! They're so cute -- until they start to fight! And they get into all other sorts of trouble too!
Short gags, quite random.
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