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We just opened two bottles of the first batch of beer we brewed. It has been lagered for six weeks now.

The bottles were under pressure. When poured out, it formed a nice head of foam. The color is a deep golden brown. It smells like actual beer too.

It's pretty bitter though, with a strong liqourice aftertaste. The description of the beer says that it should have a 'soft aftertaste', so we're not exactly sure whether this is as it should be. I've had bitters that were worse, though.
It's a beer that you have to sit down to, I guess. We'll leave the rest of the bottles lagered for now, let's see what they're like in a week time.

Also, the description says it should be 6.5 vol% alcohol, but I have no way of measuring the actual alcohol content of the brew. It feels like it packs quite a punch, though.
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