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I like my ISP

Did I ever write about how I really like my ISP?
I initially chose them because they were the only ISP to quantify their Fair Use Policy. After being kicked off the net by UPC because 75GB of data traffic wasn't 'acceptable', knowing where I stood with my ISP was important to me. I got an ADSL subscription with them, with a soft 100GB data traffic limit per month. Back then, we lived about 800m of the exchange, which meant that we got really fast download speeds. Everything always worked, so after the initial setup, I didn't have to contact them.

But then we bought a house, which meant we were moving soon. I called them about this, and they gave me excellent advice: cancel your current subscription, and order a new one when you have your new land line. That was the most cost-effective way -- and we got a dial-in account set up to use in-between. Excellent service, the people at the helpdesk have a name and know of what they speak, and they really want to help you.
Unfortunately, the house is 3.5km from the exchange, so we would be getting drastically lower speeds. We're still on the 512Kb subscription they could offer us three years ago.

Since then, they deployed ADSL2+, which gives greater speed and greater range. The time had come to upgrade, so last week friday I sent in the paperwork for a 10Mbit subscription and mentioned it was an upgrade.
Today, I got a mail (from an actual person, sent from his personal email account, signed with his actual name) saying that wouldn't work -- we were located too far from the exchange, and 4Mbit was the max they could offer us -- except that 10Mbit is their slowest ADSL2+ subscription... I mailed back that this confused me -- they do have a 4Mbit ADSL subscription, but three years ago we were told that wouldn't work. So what gives?
Five minutes later, I got a mail asking if he could call me. So I gave my cellphone number, and fifteen minutes later, he called me.

Turns out that 10Mbit isn't feasible, but they can lock the speed somewhere between 2Mbit and 8Mbit -- except they don't have a subscription for that. They are going to 'create' a new subscription so that I can upgrade to ADSL2+ and have a reliable connection. They don't know the price yet -- they were going to write it all down and get back to me.
Super service, isn't it? Much better than the faceless KPN-callcenter drones that want to sell me a standard package.

The real kicker is that Donovan (that's his name) wasn't sure that he could get all the information today (by then it was already 15:00) -- so would I mind terribly if he sent me the info first thing tomorrow morning? How refreshingly different from the helpdesks where you're glad if you even get a person on the line!

I unreservedly recommend them. I haven't had a single bad experience with them.
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