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The aftermath

This past week, the annual Four Days Marches were going on here in Nijmegen. This is always accompanied by the 'summer festival', which means the whole city center is turned into one big festival area -- lots of stages where various types of music are performed, and lots and lots of people who drink lots and lots... I'm not a big fan of it, but I tend to go one evening with klik.
However, this year I skipped, mainly because I was tired and a bit overworked, and because of the really foul weather we've been having this week. Especially friday, which is the last day of the marches, so lots of people come to the city to greet their loved ones who finish the walk... Festivities are always better with nice weather.

We went into the city centre today. We parked our car well outside the centre, because the roads were an absolute madhouse: everyone wanted to leave, large trucks were on the road to transport the various stages and stands away, and lots of people who didn't know the particularities of the single largest roundabout in Nijmegen, which ties every road together...
The city centre smelled of the inside of a glass recycling container: all sorts of stale booze, mixed together... We witnessed the cleaning of the central square: a mind-numbing amount of trash had been gathered there. It was interesting to see: some of the walkers (and their supporters) were still in the city, to enjoy Nijmegen one last day before leaving, and slowly the city was picking itself up again.
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