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Delicious pie!

A post by greatbiggary talked about how he automated setting up his desktops in Ubuntu. This set me to the trail of wmctrl, which can be used to manipulate windows in various desktop managers. But one tutorial also spoke of Devil's Pie, a util to manipulate windows as they are being created...
So this evening, after bottling up the really light beer, I created a settings file and a shell script to start up Devil's Pie, followed by the applications I always want running. Then I added this script to the list of programs that are run when I log in.

And presto: instant personalised settings! And quite easy to set up, too.

If you find yourself always moving windows around, or going to a particular desktop to start up a particular program, Devil's Pie is what you need. Just define a rule, and the program will automagically appear at the designated place on startup.
Tags: linux, tools

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