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Finished series: Genshiken 2

We've finished watching Genshiken 2. My first episode review is here.

The gang, under the leadership of Sasahara, sets itself a new goal: produce a doujinshi to be released at ComiFes. They get accepted, and immediately the retired president of the manga society tries to strong-arm his way into their project. Sasahara stands his ground in typical Japanese fashion, which was pretty impressive to see.
Kugayama, who is about to graduate and hence doesn't hang out at the Genshiken room much lately, is recruited to do the drawing. Sasahara will take care of the rest, such as printing. Obviously, it turns out a disaster, with Kugayama not delivering and Sasahara pushing him. In the end, it takes an outburst of Kasukabe to get the two of them, helped by Ogiue, deciding on a script and drawing the thing.
Ogiue then continues on to make more doujinshi on her own the following ComiFes -- a yaoi doujinshi with Sasahara and Madarame as her inspiration...
Meanwhile, Madarame and Kugayama are graduating and looking for employment, which prompts Sasahara to think of his future too. The rest of the gang is also slowly growing up and moving away from their carefree days in Genshiken...

It's a great continuation of the first Genshiken series, but with slightly more 'real life' thrown in. It gives a great look into the otaku culture outside of the university walls, and how the otaku have to fit in in order to get employment, and what that means to them. The characters are presented in a slightly less one-dimensional way.
The series is quite fast-paced, with excellent voice acting and lots of puns and references to other series and other things from otaku series. Visually, the high standard of the first series is maintained.

Good points:
- More otaku adventures!
- Deeper plots that set otaku-ness against the larger whole of society.
Bad points:
- Kuchiki is incredibly annoying.

All in all, an 8. You can't afford to miss this if you've seen (and enjoyed) the first series.
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