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GPS shopping

As I wrote about before, my father wants a auto-routing map for use on a bicycle. So today we went to one of the branches of the specialised GPS store that made the bike map, to see what they could get us.
Within half an hour, we walked out with a GPSMAP 60CSx, various accessories like a handlebar mount and a charger with four 2850mAh rechargable batteries, and a pre-release version of the map on CD. I did play with the new Colorado for a bit, but my dad liked the discrete buttons on the 60CSx better than the scrollwheel on the Colorado. As we left the store, we were accosted by a motorcycle rider who told us all about the things the 60CSx could do that the Colorado couldn't...

The bicycle map is pretty good. It also has all of the PoIs from one of the regular 'car' maps, so if you're in the middle of a route and you want something to drink, you can have the GPS take you to a café as well -- a feature that my dad liked. :)

I took it all home, so I can set it up for them. I'll also be creating a small manual (with screenshots!) so that they can check how to do various things while on the road.
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