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Finished series: H2O - Footprints in the Sand

We've finished watching H2O - Footprints in the Sand. My first-episode review is here.

When he was a young boy, Hirose saw his mother commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. This traumatic experience made him go blind. After a few years, he moves from the city to live with his uncle in a village. Obviously, he enters a new school as a transfer student, and obviously he meets lots of girls there (and due to his blindness and clumsiness he gets to grope some of 'em...). The series has two 'heroines': Hayami and Hinata. There is also Otoha, a mysterious girl who only appears when Hirose is alone.

Hayami is the daughter of the village doctor. Her family charged extortionate fees for medical services, which caused the villagers to revolt under the leadership of the village elder. They burned the house and kicked Hayami's family out -- only Hayami remains.
She isn't very popular, and she gets blamed for everything. Her pride makes her an easy target, and she gets beaten up regularly. She doesn't seem to mind, and in fact seeks out this punishment to atone for the sins of her family.

Hinata is the granddaughter of the village elder, who urges her to get on Hirose's good side. She used to have a younger sister, who died in an accident. Except she is actually the younger sister, who assumed the role of the eldest in order to protect the standing and lineage of her family when her older sister died.
Oh, and that older sister? She drifts around like a spirit, reveals herself only to Hirose, and calls herself Otoha...

Of course, it all comes to the boil, lots of drama ensues, the village elder is arrested when he tries to kill Hayami, Hinata's secret is revealed, etcetera. The typical fucked-up drama that is common in H-game adaptations these days. And at the end, Hirose has a relapse and Hayami jumps in front of a train, but gets brought back by Otoha.

You shouldn't watch this series for the characters, because they're all pretty much cardboard cut-outs. They have a role to play, but it lacks any depth. Otoha is the only one who seems to have any sort of personality. Hirose is especially weak.
The character designs are the typical big-haired girls with huge eyes, with a panty-shot here and there. Males don't register in the world of H2O: their character designs are basic at best.
The voice acting is decent -- no overly sqeaky voices, though hearing Hirose talk made me want to punch him.

Good points:
- Fucked-up drama (if that's your thing);
- Not all of it is cute or drama -- people are actively hostile to eachother.
Bad points:
- The male protagonist plays a large role, but is a huge dweeb;
- Generally 'blah' and uninspiring.

I'll give it a 6. It's not bad, but it has nothing to make it really good.
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