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The Thermocline of Truth

Today, during a crucial meeting for a difficult and very political project, I witnessed the Thermocline of Truth in action. And the person who is going to be the obstacle for truth was quite frank about it.

Sure, our estimates are 'worst case', but I don't believe for one moment that all of the complexity can be analysed away by looking at the problem for another week. The numbers we presented are realistic and within the order of magnitude that the actual project will be.

I was quite shocked. Just because the higher-ups don't like to get bad news, not telling them won't make it go away.

But in the end, it's not my problem. Nobody else reacted to his statements either. Must be a common practice within such political organisations. I'm willing to make a prediction of how many hours it will have taken when it's all been done, though. It'll be close to our original estimate.
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