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New deskchair

The deskchair I use at home is kinda crappy. It was kinda crappy back in '91 when I got it, when I left home to study in Nijmegen. The right arm rest once got twisted so it was cracked, and last week klik gave it the last nudge to completely break it.

Time to go shopping for a new desk chair!

When we visited muri_san and his wife in Milan, we were very impressed with the Gravity chairs they had. So when we visited a furniture shop in Apeldoorn quite a few years back where they had those chairs on display, we took a peek at the rest of the collection of Variér (which was then still called "Stokke'). There was this one chair they had (which has since gone out of their collection, I see now), and when I sat down in it, I felt my whole back completely relax because of the way the chair supported me.

So I thought it would be worthwhile to check out the collection in person, to see what would fit me best. There are three dealers in Nijmegen for these chairs, and we selected a small furniture shop that advertises itself as 'environmentally conscious'.
I sat down in a few chairs, and it didn't took the people of the store long to notice us and ask if they could help us. We explained the situation, and they quickly decided that none of the chairs in the Variér collection would be suitable: none of them can be adjusted in height, which (potentially) negates the advantages of the ergonomic design!
However, a designer who worked there started out on his own, and he did design desk furniture that was height-adjustable. And of course, they had two models there...
I sat down in the Moizi 18, and after mere seconds I knew that was the chair I wanted! We talked briefly about options, chose a fabric, etcetera. Then I let klik sit in it, just to see how she'd like it.

So fifteen minutes later, we walked out of the store, having ordered two desk chairs. Three weeks seem quite long now.
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