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Finished series: Sketchbook Full Color's

We've finished watching Sketchbook Full Color's. My first episode review is here.

Sora is a shy girl who is a member of the art club at her school. She is easily panicked when loud or forceful people approach her, and this makes it a bit hard for her to enjoy the art club to its fullest -- even though she really likes drawing. As well as shy, she is very clumsy too: her younger brother constantly has to remind her of the water kettle being on the fire, or to take her umbrella when it will rain later that day. Sora also makes sure she always has a thermos with tea with her -- she needs that to relax.

The art club is filled with other people, and slowly but surely Sora starts to get to know them. Natsumi is Sora's classmate and she uses hand puppets to make little acts; there's Kate, an exchange student who has a not-so-strong grasp of the Japanese language; there's a set of two sempai who never show up and who do the weirdest things; etcetera. Also, there are the cats -- there's a set of cats in the neighbourhood who have their own problems and adventures.
The art club is run by a lazy and childish teacher, who keeps a chicken as a pet (often on her head), called P-chan. And she also really likes yakitori, which often gives P-chan much cause for alarm!

Through a set of adventures, Sora learns to deal with the various people that surround her, which in turn teacher her to be more confident in herself.

And that's basically it -- it's another art-themed bishoujo series. Not much plot, a bit of character development (in Sora, but not much in the others). Some of the scenes are pretty funny, especially those with the two sempai -- they're like Utena's Shadow Girls in that they often produce complete non-sequiturs.
Visually, the series has a pleasant muted, almost pastel color palette. The character designs are stylised but rendered carefully. The backgrounds look like they've been painted in watercolors. And the music is properly soothing.

Good points:
- Interesting art style;
- Low-key stories;
- Funny at times.
Bad points:
- Almost no plot to speak of.

If you're in the mood for something else rather than drama, panty-shots or huge explosions, then this might provide a nice change of pace. I'll give it a 7 -- I like that kind of stuff, but it's certainly not for everyone.
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