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47 bottles of beer on the wall...

Today, we put the beer into bottles. Lots of cleaning was involved, both before (bottles and the bucket we'd use) and afterwards (both the brewing bucket and the bottling bucket). I measured the density of the liquid, and it matched the bottling density in the manual exactly.
We poured the beer into the bottling bucket, and it smelled quite lovely. There was lots of drab in the brewing bucket, but that stayed behind. The liquid that went into the bottles was fragrant, clean and had a nice head of foam. We added some sugar so that there would be a bit more yeast-activity in the bottles, to produce more foam when it comes out of the bottle.
The actual bottling itself went pretty smoothly: klik filled up the bottles (through a very nifty bottle-filling pipe that could be attached to the tap of the bottling bucket) and I put the crown caps on with another nifty device. All in all, we filled 46 bottles with the beer.

Now, we wait some more: 6 to 8 weeks before it's ready to drink! I'm planning the next brewing, though -- I still have a can of abbey(-like) beer.

There may be photos and videoclips later.
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