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Finished series: Hidamari Sketch

We've finished watching Hidamari Sketch, a series I completely failed to write a first episode review of.

Yuno attends an art high school, something she always dreamed of. But since it's quite far from where her parents live, she has to live on her own -- she lives in a room in the Hidamari Apartment Building, which is right across the road from the school. Her neighbours are her classmate Miyako, and her sempai Hiro and Sae.
Yoshinoya, Yuno and Miyako's homeroom teacher and a cosplay maniac, looks in on the girls from time to time, but they do manage just fine with just the four of them. Yoshinoya is often berated by the principal, who is a bit weird...

And that is pretty much all there is to the series. Yuno and her friends live their quiet lives, where things like making your summer homework during lunch break on the first day of school is pretty much the only excitement there is. It's simply a quiet series about four girls with their own little problems and achievements. It's funny in a quiet way, which is just fine with us.

Obviously, the character designs are all cute, the music is happy and relaxed. Luckily, none of the characters are voiced with squeaky voices. Yuno does speak a bit softly, though. One things that does make this one stand out, is that digital photos of some objects are used as props in the animation.
The makers also pulled a Haruhi, in that the episodes aren't in chronological order.

Good points:
- Cute girls doing small, everyday things;
- Decently animated with some interesting techniques thrown in.
Bad points:
- No real plot to speak of, episodic.

All in all, a nice and relaxing series. I'll give it a 7.

Also, apparently the follow-up of this series, called 'Hidamari Sketch 365' will start broadcasting next month.
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