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More sword-swinging!

Just as I had finished Samurai Warriors: Katana and I was working my way through the game again to finish every single mission with an 'S'-rating, the new Wii game was delivered today: 'Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors'.

Basically, it's a fantasy version of Samurai Warriors: Katana -- complete with epic plot and all. The controls are a little bit different. The best mechanic is the 'Master Strike', equivalent of SW:K's Musou attack. You choose from a set of possible attacks (depending on level, weapon etc.), and then you have to make a few movements to execute the attack -- like thrusting your sword to the heavens, and then swinging it down on your enemies. Great pose-inducing controls. :)

The voice acting is quite good as well. The queen and the ex-nun have French accents, the weaponsmith talks cockney, and the prince has a delightfully posh British accents. He uses sentences like: "We can ill afford to tarry if we've any chance of finding mother!" and things like that. Some of his more purple prose had us laughing out loud.

So far, pretty fun, though not as action-packed as SW:K, but it seems to have more plot.
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