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Finished series: Moyashimon

We've finished watching Moyashimon. My first episode review is here.

Sawaki enters an agricultural university, together with his friend Kei. His dad has contacted professor Keizo there, and alerted him to Sawaki's special talent: he can see micro-organisms like yeast and fungi with his bare eyes. To him, they look like small puppet-like beings, that float through the air and can move on their own. They even speak to him, and he hears them.
Obviously, this is a seriously interesting ability in a university that has a special department that investigates fermentation! The professor starts doing some tests with Sawaki, which irritates Haruka, one of his Ph.D. students -- surely this guy is lying and playing a game with them! But when Sawaki sees the fungus on her feet, she has to admit there is more to him than meets the eye.

And so Sawaki is taught about agriculture and fermentation -- and the different species of yeast, fungi and bacteria. Due to his ability, he is an interesting partner-in-crime for deadbeat seniors who want to make a quick buck by brewing their own sake. They pick up a few other assorted characters along the way, and spend their days on the university and elsewhere doing all sorts of other things than studying...
Gradually, the focus shifts away from Sawaki and his ability, towards things like a weird school festival, or Kei's genderbending. That's not necessarily a bad thing (it could get gimmicky quite quickly), but it feels a bit like 'bait-and-switch'.

Visually, the series is rather basic. Some character designs are pretty crude, but the microbes are totally cute! The opening theme, with CGI microbes cavorting through filmed backgrounds is really, really cool.

Good points:
- Interesting and educational;
- Cute microbes! (This icon is a yeast-cell as depicted in Moyashimon);
Bad points:
- Meanders a bit;
- Too short to reach any sort of conclusion.

All in all, a 7. Could have been higher if the makers really went in-depth, but for that they would have needed a higher episode count.
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